Fisk(e) Index Database
FFP ID Name Birth / Baptism Parents Resided Spouse Marriage Burial Sources & Notes

Ian Edwin 1922 Q2 Wycombe Reg District, Bucks Herbert Edwin = Sophia Agatha Leverington Teignbridge district, Devon Violet May Bell [b. 1925, d. 2000 Teignbridge Reg District, ref 4131B 12GB 069 100] 1943 Q3 Northumberland South Reg District, v10b p488 1993 Teignbridge Reg District, Devon St Caths v3a p1747, ref 4131 16C 217 193 [93]

Ian J. 1949 Q2 Gateshead Reg District, Co. Durham mother's maiden name Tebay Worthing district, Sussex

1966 Q2 Worthing Reg District, Sussex St Caths v1a p1209, v5h p562

Ian William 1951 Q1 Holderness Reg District, Yorks mother's maiden name Bygott Kettering district, Northants.

1977 Q3 Kettering Reg District, Northants St Caths v2a p138, v7 p0118s

Ida 1891 Q3 Downham Reg District, Nfk
Downham district, Nfk

1891 Q3 Downham Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p355, v4b p210

Ida Caroline 1895 Q1 Hepworth, Sfk George William = Adeliza Moule Burwell, Cambs in 1901; Hepworth, Sfk in 1911 Robert W. Sparkes 1917 Q4 Thetford Reg District, Sfk/Nfk, v4b p863
St Caths v4b p402 [1901*] - living with aunt Harriet Moule [1911] - living with parents

Ida Doris 1903 Q2 West Bromwich Reg District, Staffs John = Amy Franks Kings Norton district, Worcs in 1911

St Caths v6b p875 [1911]

Ida Jane 1882 Q3 Bungay, Sfk George = Sarah Pearce Ashfield, Sfk in 1891; Cretingham, Sfk in 1901 Charles Sydney Kindred 1903 Q4 Bosmere Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1873
St Caths v4a p801 [1891*] - scholar [1901*] - mother's help

Ida Kathleen 1916 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk Alfred Edwin = Ada M. Markham Ipswich, Sfk unmarried ?
1998 Ipswich reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1846, ref 7471C C20B 158 1298

Ida V. 1910 Q3 Ashford, Middlesex John George = Jessie Cook Ashford, Middlesex in 1911

St Caths v3a p1 [1911]

Imogene Alice 1865 Q1 Gorleston, Sfk William = Hannah Murray Cole Gorleston, Sfk in 1871, 1881 & 1901 John Henry J. Holt 1900 Q4 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk, v4b p67
St Caths v4a p790 [1871*] - scholar [1881] - scholar in 1881 [1901]

Ina Mary 1874 Q3 Bebington, Cheshire George Henry = Jane Carse Liscard, Cheshire in 1881

St Caths v8a p457 [1881*]

Irene 1910 Q4 Holborn Reg District, London

St Caths v1b p552

Irene [wife?] 1930
Newcastle Upon Tyne district, Northumberland

1976 Q4 Newcastle Upon Tyne Reg District, Northumberland St Caths v2 p0893

Irene Alice 1902 Q4 Downham Reg District, Nfk
Kings Lynn district, Nfk

1908 Q2 Kings Lynn Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p326, v4b p218

Irene Bertha 1912 Q3 Cosford Reg District, Sfk Thomas William = Dagmar Ellen Turner Lavenham, Sfk Frederick L. Minns [d. 1976 Lavenham, Sfk] 1934 Q3 Cosford Reg District, Sfk, v4a p3079 1991 Lavenham, Sfk St Caths v4a p1773, ref 10 2072 791 [171] had 10 children

Irene Ivy 1910 Q3 Brentford Reg District, Middlesex Frederick = Ada Neale Brentford district, Middlesex in 1911

1919 Q4 Brentford Reg District, Middlesex St Caths v3a p199, v3a p127

Irene Madeline 1895 Q3 Watford, Herts William John = Marianne Alice Leach Watford, Herts in 1901 Geoffrey E. H. Wilson 1923 Q3 Marylebone Reg District, London, v1a p1423
St Caths v3a p623, VRI [1901*]

Irene Margaret 1928 Q1 Camberwell Reg District, London Samuel Henry = Margaret Rosina Pusey Lewisham district, London

1991 Lewisham Reg District, London St Caths v1d p1095, ref 14 556 1291

Irene Marion 1937 Q4
Preston & South Ribble district, Lancs

2004 Preston & South Ribble Reg District, Lancs St Caths ref 5881C C66C 162 104

Irene Muriel 1930 Q1
Wayland district, Nfk

1994 Wayland Reg District, Nfk St Caths ref 6431 33C 090 394

Irene Rosa 1906 Q4 Wandsworth Reg District, London George = Annie Maria Mary Blacker Wandsworth district, London in 1911 Franklin P. Clark 1930 Q3 Battersea Reg District, London, v1d p1081
St Caths v1d p583 [1911]

Irene Rose 1914 Q4 Pancras Reg District, London John Frederick = Sarah Elizabeth Rose Goodyer

St Caths v1b p172 [NA Service Records 1914-20]

Irene Ruth F. [wife?] 1951 Q2
Camden district, London

1984 Camden Reg District, London St Caths ref 14 2251 384 [93]

Iris 1936 approx
Greenwich district, London

1937 Q1 Greenwich Reg District, London St Caths v1d p1139

Iris Anna 1909 Q4
Norwich Outer district, Nfk

1988 Norwich Outer Reg District, Nfk St Caths ref 10 2361 288

Isaac 16??s/17??s
North Lopham, Nfk

1761 North Lopham, Nfk PR

Isaac 17??s Isaac North Lopham, Nfk in 1749 Mary Ruddock [b. c.1728, widow bur. 1795 North Lopham] 1748 North Lopham, Nfk 1795 approx, North Lopham, Nfk IGI, his will of 1795 - victualler

Isaac 17??s
Willingham, Sfk Sarah Flatman 1792 Cratfield, Sfk

Isaac 17??s

Elizabeth Steagles 1805 Watton, Nfk

Isaac 17??s/18??s
Woodbridge district, Sfk

1863 Q4 Woodbridge Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p447

Isaac 17??s/18??s
Southwark St Olaves district, London

1861 Q3 Southwark St Olaves Reg District, London St Caths v1d p99
322 Isaac 1713 Norton, Sfk Charles [248] = Mary Parmenter Norton, Sfk Elizabeth Ling [bur. 1764 Norton, Sfk aged 46] 1737 Ixworth, Sfk or Gt Barton, Sfk 1780 Norton, Sfk PR, IGI, BMI, FFP p153 - yeoman
341 Isaac 1738 Tostock, Sfk Samuel [321] = Martha Bradley

1763 Bardwell, Sfk PR, IGI [29]
349 Isaac 1741 Norton, Sfk Isaac [322] = Elizabeth Ling Norton, Sfk unmarried
1763 Norton, Sfk PR, IGI, FFP p153 - died young?
350a Isaac 1743 Norton, Sfk Isaac [322] = Elizabeth Ling Norton, Sfk unmarried
1763 Norton, Sfk PR - died aged 21, IGI

Isaac 1754 Lackford, Sfk William = Ann[e] Harrold Lackford, Sfk

1754 Lackford, Sfk IGI, PR [93]

Isaac 1756 Lackford, Sfk William = Ann[e] Harrold Lackford, Sfk

1756 Lackford, Sfk IGI, PR [93]

Isaac 1762 West Harling, Nfk William = Katherine Napthin West Harling, Nfk

1764 West Harling, Nfk PR

Isaac 1765 West Harling, Nfk William = Katherine Napthin Kenninghall, Nfk ?
1834 Kenninghall, Nfk PR - widower labourer, died aged 63

Isaac 1776 Halesworth, Sfk Samuel = Lydia


Isaac 1785 Tuddenham St Mary, Sfk Thomas = Elizabeth Bloomsbury, London in 1817-29; Sevenoaks, Kent in 1841; Paddington Workhouse, London in 1851 & 1854 Mary Ann Izard [b. c.1787 Dulwich, London, 'widow' res. Lambeth in 1851] 1816 Islington St Mary, London 1854 Q1 St Mary, Paddington Green, London St Caths v1a p7; IGI; PR - coachman in 1817-29 [1841*] - coachman; PR - cab proprietor in 1844 [1851*] - married coachman, workhouse inmate

Isaac 1788 Stanton All Saints, Sfk Martha [illegit] Stanton St John, Sfk in 1813; Stanton, Sfk in 1841 & 1851; Troston, Sfk in 1873 Mary Ann Willis of Stanton [b. c.1798 Stanton, Sfk, d. 1872 Q1 Thingoe Reg District, Sfk, v4a p327] 1813 Stanton All Saints, Sfk 1876 Q1 Stanton, Sfk St Caths v4a p359; PR - died aged 91 [29] [104] [1841*] - farmer at Dale Farm [1851] [ROL 1873] (in Suffolk) - 230 acres, £430 rental (in Norfolk) - 481 acres, £649 rental; NPC - farmer; his will of 1874 - owner of Chair Farm, Stanton, Hill Farm & Blackbourn Farms in Stanton, the Mill at Stanton and land at Hepworth

Isaac 1788 Stanton, Sfk Charles [347] = Mary Shepherd Stanton, Sfk

1788 Stanton, Sfk PR - died aged 2 days

Isaac 18??s

Mary Ann Reeves 1869 Q3 Truro Reg District, Cornwall, v5c p224
St Caths

Isaac 1803 approx, England
Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1881 Marien ? [b. c.1831 England]

[1881 CAN] - [Church of England]

Isaac 1812 approx Isaac = Mary Ann Willis Charsfield, Sfk in 1841 Hannah Weyman [b.1814 Woolwich Barracks, Kent, res. Woodbridge St Mary, Sfk in 1851] 1832 Dallinghoo, Sfk 1848 Q4 Charsfield, Sfk IGI, St Caths v12 p331 [1841*] - blacksmith [1851] [86] [104] PR* - blacksmith, died aged 36

Isaac 1816 approx, St Pancras, London Francis = Elizabeth Elmes Kennington, London in 1841 & 1851; Brighton, Sussex in 1871 Emily Elphick [b. c.1816 Bramfield, Sussex, married head of family res. Kennington in 1861 & 1871; d. 1871 Q4 Brighton, Sussex, v2b p111] 1836 Marylebone St Mary, London
[93] [136] [1841*] - bookkeeper [1851*] - clerk in the Home Office [1861*] [1871] - clerk in the Home Office

Isaac 1817 approx, Harlow, Herts
Portsmouth, Hants in 1851; lodging at Meopham, Kent in 1871 unmarried in 1871
1872 Q4 North Aylesford Reg District, Kent St Caths v2a p235 [1851*] - gunner Royal Marine Artillery [1871*] - pensioner, surname written 'Fish'

Isaac 1817 St George, Bloomsbury, London Isaac = Mary Ann Izard St George's, Bloomsbury in 1817

PR - father a servant

Isaac 1823 St Lukes, Chelsea, London Joseph = Frances McBride St Luke Old St, Finsbury, London in 1851 Mary Ann Henry [b. c.1822 Middlesex] 1846 Q2 St John the Evangelist, Lambeth, London, v4 p276
IGI, PR - father a shopkeeper; porter in 1846 [1851*] - shoemaker

Isaac 1833 Stanton St John, Sfk Edmund = Mary Kimm Stanton St John, Sfk in 1841 & 1851; Melton Asylum, Sfk in 1861; lodging at West Ham, Essex in 1891 unmarried in 1891
1895 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p156, IGI, PR [1841*] [1851*] - miller [1861] - labourer in 1861, patient at asylum [1891*] - general labourer

Isaac 1834 Charsfield, Sfk Isaac = Anna [Hannah] Weyman Charsfield, Sfk in 1841; Woodbridge St Mary, Sfk in 1851; Ipswich St Clement, Sfk in 1861; visiting Linthorpe, Yorks in 1881; Whitechapel, London in 1894 1st Rebecca Jerman [b. c.1840 Drinkstone, Sfk] 2nd Jane Parker [widow nee Laud, b. c.1837] 1st 1856 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1430; 2nd 1894 Q2 Whitechapel, London, v1c p433 after 1894 IGI, PR* [86] [104] [1841*] [1851] [1861*] - mariner [1881*] - seaman visiting family of Charles Finkell; PR - widower labourer in 1894

Isaac 1840 Q1 Dennington, Sfk Reuben = Jane Rose Dennington, Sfk in 1841 & 1851 unmarried
1859 Q4 Dennington, Sfk St Caths v13 p428, v4a p344; PR - died aged 19, VRI [1841*] [1851] [56]

Isaac 1840 Q4 Brandeston, Sfk William = Sarah Peck Brandeston, Sfk in 1841, 1851 & 1861; Charsfield, Sfk in 1863, 1871 & 1881 Mary Ann Lankester [b. c.1840 Charsfield, Sfk, remarried to Samuel Shepherd, farmer, 1886 Q4 Lambeth St Phillip, London, v1d p683] 1863 Q1 Charsfield, Sfk, v4a p751 1882 Q1 Charsfield, Sfk St Caths v12 p329, v4a p479; PR* - died aged 42 [127] [1841*] [1851] [1861] - ag lab [1871*] - ag lab [1881] - ag lab

Isaac 1842 Q3 Charsfield, Sfk John = Mary Ann Woods Charsfield, Sfk in 1851 & 1861; Kensington, London in 1881; Westbourne Green, London in 1894; Paddington, London in 1901 1st Mary Ann Smith [b. c.1843 Charsfield, d. 1891 Q1 Paddington Reg District, London, v1a p45] 2nd Sarah Potter, widow [b. c.1835 Letheringham, Sfk] 1st 1863 Q4 Charsfield, Sfk, v4a p1323; 2nd 1891 Q3 Paddington St Peters, London, v1a p97 1902 Q3 Paddington Reg District, London St Caths v12 p443, v1a p7; IGI, VRI, PR* [1851] [1861] - carpenter; labourer in 1863 [1881] - farrier [Post Office London Commercial directory of 1894] - wheelwright of 77 Chippenham Mews [1901*] - wheel wright in 1901, res. 37 Portnall Rd.

Isaac 1845 Q3 Eyke, Sfk William = Naomi Locke Eyke, Sfk in 1851, 1861, 1871 & 1881 Elizabeth Wyard [b. c.1851 Eyke, widow res. Eyke in 1891; remarried to George Crosby 1897 Q4 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1933] 1870 Q2 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p937 1889 Q4 Eyke, Sfk St Caths v12 p369, v4a p481; PR - died aged 44 [1851] [1861*] - ag lab living with remarried mother [1871*] - ag lab [1881] - ag lab

Isaac 1850 Q1 St Lukes Reg District, London Isaac = Mary Ann[e] Henry St Lukes district, London

1850 Q1 St Lukes Reg District, London St Caths v2 p285 or p331, v2 p240

Isaac 1864 approx
Darlington district, Co. Durham

1891 Q2 Darlington Reg District, Co. Durham St Caths v10a p6

Isaac Arthur 1896 Q4 Iken, Sfk Arthur William = Ellen Webb Sproughton, Sfk in 1901 & 1911; Brantham, Sfk, enlisted Ipswich

1917 Western Front, killed in action St Caths v4a p968 [1901] [1911] Lance Cpl. 43326, 2nd Bn. Suffolk Regt. [CWGC] - Arras memorial [SDGW] - memorial at Brantham [NA medal cards 1914-20]

Isaac Clarke or Isaac James 1882 Q2 Levington, Sfk Laura Jane [who later married James Saitch] [illegit.] West Ham, Essex in 1901 & 1911 Minnie Ethel Wise [b. 1887, d. 1977 Q1 Newham Reg District, London, v15 p1854] 1906 Q2 West Ham Reg District, Essex, v4a p306 1962 Q2 Essex South West Reg District St Caths v4a p791, v5a p138 [113] - surname 'Saitch'; St Caths - surname Fisk in 1906 [1911] - surname 'Fisk'

Isaac J. 18??s/19??s

[UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972] - Ordinary Seaman J.80875, awarded British War Medal & Victory Medal for service in the Royal Navy during WW1

Isaac James 1903 Q2
West Surrey district Lilian Dorothy Fisk [1901-1982] 1935 Q2 Aldershot Reg District, Hants, v2c p628 1997 West Surrey Reg District St Caths ref 7611F F1C 235 197 [93]

Isaac John 1874 Q2 Dennington, Sfk William = Emma Fisk Dennington, Sfk in 1881 & 1891; serving in Londonderry, Ireland in 1908; Shorncliffe, Kent Fanny Dacombe [b. c.1866, d. 1925 Q3 Milton Reg District, Kent, v2a p959] 1908 Q3 Christ Church, Battersea, London, v1d p922 1924 Q4 Shorncliffe, Kent IGI, St Caths v4a p612, v2a p1229, PR - army?; NPC [56] [1881] - 'John', scholar [1891] - farm labourer living with widowed mother

Isaac John 1899 Q4 Debenham, Sfk Arthur Albert = Mary Ann Wright Debenham, Sfk in 1901; Rushmere St Andrew, Sfk in 1911; Greenwich, London in 1920; Bournemouth district, Dorset May Maria Yates [b. 1902 Woolwich, d. 1972 Q2 Bournemouth Reg District, Dorset, v6b p595] 1920 Q3 Holy Trinity, Blackheath Hill, London, v1d p2444 1977 Q3 Bournemouth Reg District, Dorset St Caths v4a p907, v23 p0310; PR - labourer in 1920, father a policeman [1901] [1911]

Isaac William 1859 Q4 Levington, Sfk James = Rebecca Franks Levington, Sfk in 1861 & 1871; West Ham, Essex in 1891; Canning Town Essex in 1901 & 1911 1st Alice ? [b. c.1868 Southampton, Hants] 2nd Martha ? [b. c.1872 Canning Town, Essex] 1st before 1891, 2nd before 1901 1931 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex IGI, VRI, St Caths v4a p569, v4a p153 [113] [161] [1861*] [1871*] - scholar [1891*] - dock labourer [1901*] - general labourer [1911]

Isaac William 1883 Q2 West Ham Reg District, Essex
West Ham district, Essex

1884 Q4 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p54, v4a p28

Isabel 13??s/14??s
Worlington, Sfk

[60] - surname 'ffysch', her will proved in 1448, widow of William

Isabel 15??s

Roger Hadocke 1615 Blackburn, Lancs.

Isabel 1540s Robert = Mary Pakenham, Sfk William Shill 1578 Pakenham, Sfk
IGI - mentioned in 1553, BMI

Isabel 1631 St Dunstan In The East (Stepney), London William = Ann[e] Marsh


Isabel 1716 Clitheroe, Lancs. Abraham


Isabel [widow] 15??s
Wells-next-the-Sea, Nfk

1605 approx her will dated 1605

Isabel Charlotte 1894 Q1 Hackney, London Walter Frederick = Jane Brummitt Tottenham, Middlesex in 1901

1988 Thanet Reg District, Kent St Caths v1b p614, ref 16 1958 1288 [1901*]

Isabel Fairhurst 1883 Q4 Preston Reg District, Lancs Thomas Matthew = Ann Fairhurst Preston district, Lancs

1885 Q4 Preston Reg District, Lancs St Caths v8e p641, v8e p422

Isabell 14??s/15??s Richard = Isabell South Creake, Nfk [?]

mentioned in will of Eme of South Creake dated 1512

Isabella 1798 Woodbridge, Sfk Alexander = Sarah Fosdike


Isabella 1818 Ipswich St Clement, Sfk Francis = Isabella Ipswich St Helen, Sfk

1818 Ipswich St Helen, Sfk IGI, PR - infant of Short La.

Isabella 1838 Q3 Holton, Sfk Joseph = Susan Hubbard Holton, Sfk in 1841, 1851 & 1861; Toxteth Park, Liverpool in 1871; Birkenhead, Cheshire in 1891 William Charles Thompson, brush maker 1865 Q1 Warrington Reg District, Cheshire, v8c p175
IGI, VRI, St Caths v13 p341 [1841*] [1851] [1861] - dressmaker living with parents [1871*] [1891*]

Isabella 1849 Q3 Westleton, Sfk Joseph = Honor Abigail Mayhew Westleton, Sfk in 1851; Middleton, Sfk in 1861; Saxmundham, Sfk in 1881 Alfred William Alexander, coach badge maker in 1881 1872 Q2 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1035
IGI, PR, St Caths v13 p395 [1851] [1861] - scholar in 1861 [1881]

Isabella 1869 Q3 East Donyland, Essex William Robert = Isabella Ponder East Donyland, Essex in 1881 & 1891; Ilford, Essex in 1901 Robert Ross, telegraphist in 1901 1893 Q4 Lexden Reg District, Essex, v4a p963
St Caths v4a p293 [1881] - scholar [1891*] - tailoress [1901]

Isabella 1875 Q4 Harleston, Nfk Henry John = Harriet Euphemia Denny Otley, Sfk in 1881; Starston, Nfk in 1901 William Robert Palmer 1901 Q2 Depwade Reg District, Nfk, v4b p487
St Caths v4b p212 [78] [93] [1901] - dress maker; NPC

Isabella 1891 Q1 Bloomsbury, London [St Giles Reg District] George = Isabella Watson St Giles, London in 1891; Middlesbrough, Yorks in 1901 Basil G. Swain 1912 Q4 Middlesbrough Reg District, Yorks, v9d p1215
St Caths v1b p661 [1891] [1901]

Isabella Constance L. 1907 Q4 Bridge Reg District, Kent

St Caths v2a p905

Isabella Jane 1852 Q1 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk
Ipswich, Sfk

1852 Q1 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p570, v4a p379

Isabella Jane 1881 Q3 Sculcoates Reg District, Yorks. William Henry = Jane Neadley Hull, Yorks in 1891 Thomas Dickinson 1898 Q1 Hull Reg District, Yorks, v9d p376
St Caths v9d p116 [1891*] - living with widowed mother

Isabella Margaret 1859 Q2 Earsham, Nfk Charles = Mary Anne Howard Westminster, London in 1861; Battersea, London in 1881; Bedford St Peter, Bedfordshire in 1901; Worthing district, Sussex unmarried
1954 Q3 Worthing Reg District, Sussex St Caths v4b p231, v5h p502 [1861*] [1881] - dressmaker, neice of householder Frederick Norton [1901] - retired dressmaker [LG] - Ladies' Outfitters & Milliners in partnership with Elizabeth Phipps, having retail premises in Bedford (Fiske & Phipps) & Northampton (Phipps & Fiske), wound up in 1905

Isidore 1852 approx, Austria [British subject]
Islington, London in 1901 2nd Louisa ? [b. c.1873 Spitalfields, London]

[1901*] - draper

Ivan H. 1913 Q3 Colchester Reg District, Essex mother's maiden name Fisk Colchester, Essex Ruth Edith Clayton [b. 1910, d. 2000 Colchester Reg District, Essex, ref 4591C C77C 268 200] 1936 Q2 Uckfield Reg District, Sussex, v2b p397 2006 Colchester Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p1620, ref 7551D ESD16 059 1206

Ivor Bernard 1909 Q1 Battle Reg District, Kent Bernard = Eleanor Mary Brown Surrey Rose Nancy Deller [b. 1903, d. 1991 Q3 Surrey Mid East Reg District, ref 17 38 791] 1934 Q3 Wandsworth Reg District, London, v1d p1445 1988 Leatherhead, Surrey St Caths v2b p36, ref 17 215 1188 [27] [LG] - commissioned as Acting Pilot Officer in the RAF in August 1941, promoted to Flying Officer in Dec. same year; nurseryman/market gardener after the war

Ivor David 1929 Q1 Wandsworth Reg District, London mother's maiden name Nickolls Brentwood district, Essex Rose V. Cornish 1950 Q4 West Ham Reg District, Essex, v5a p1256 2001 Brentwood Reg District, Essex St Caths v? p?, ref 4661A A56B 188 1201 [93]

Ivor Edward 1928 Q3 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex Albert Edward = Gertrude Alice Goddard Ipswich district, Sfk Pauline F. Smith 1954 Q1 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4b p1917 2005 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1046, ref 7471A A40B 104 505

Ivy 1772 East Rudham, Nfk Thomas = Jane East Rudham, Nfk Richard Youngs 1796 East Rudham, Nfk

Ivy 1892 Q4 Soham, Cambs Herbert James = Caroline Sheldrick Soham, Cambs in 1901

1978 Q3 Soham, Cambs St Caths v3b p503, v9 p579 [entry in Soham burial book]

Ivy 1899 Q3 Middlesbrough Reg District, Yorks. Arthur Ernest = Mabel Barton Middlesbrough, Yorks

1899 Q3 Middlesbrough, Yorks. St Caths v9d p570, v9d p400 [106] - born premature, died at 4 hrs old

Ivy 1904 Q1 Ardsley, Yorks James Henry = Ellen Oldroyd East Ardsley, Yorks in 1911 Norris Hartley 1926 Q3 Wakefield Reg District, Yorks, v9c p177
St Caths v9c p97 [1911]

Ivy 1906 Q4 Custom House, Essex Isaac William = Martha Canning Town Essex in 1911 Harold C. Solder 1927 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex, v4a p16 1994 East London Cemetery St Caths v4a p161, ref 2571B B37 100 1194 [179] [1911]

Ivy 1914 Q2 Tendring Reg District, Essex Arthur = Alice Bareham

St Caths v4a p1483

Ivy Alice 1893 Q3 Gislingham, Sfk William = Kate Elizabeth Knights Gislingham, Sfk in 1901; Hartismere district, Sfk Harry E. Southgate 1924 Q1 Hartismere Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1247
St Caths v4a p806 [1901]

Ivy Alice 1910 Q2 Wandsworth Reg District, London George = Annie Maria Mary Blacker Wandsworth district, London in 1911

St Caths v1d p596 [1911]

Ivy Blanche Pretty 1904 Q4 Wrentham, Sfk Arthur Charles = Mary Jane Spear Kentisbeare, Devon in 1914 Arthur F. Poole 1927 Q2 Tiverton Reg District, Devon, v5b p983
St Caths v4a p1105 [NA Service Records 1914-20]

Ivy C. 1913 Q2 Blything Reg District, Sfk John = Maria Harber
Walter C. Hatcher 1933 Q4 Blything Reg District, v4a p2871
St Caths v4a p2181

Ivy Doris 1906 Q2 Kingston Reg District, Surrey
Kingston district, Surrey

1906 Q2 Kingston Reg District, Surrey St Caths v2a p444, v2a p252

Ivy E. 1911 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk
Ipswich district, Sfk

1912 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1018, v4a p973

Ivy Edith 1906 Q3 Lowestoft, Sfk Albert = Margaret Lowestoft, Sfk

1907 Q1 Lowestoft, Sfk St Caths v4a p1163, v4a p760; PR

Ivy Eileen [wife?] 1924 approx
Lowestoft, Sfk

1999 Lowestoft, Sfk PR

Ivy Eleanor A. 1905 approx
West Ham district, Essex

1908 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p108

Ivy Gladys 1907 Q1 Norwich, Nfk Leonard James = Amy Howard Kings Lynn, Nfk in 1911 Richard Fiddamon 1937 Q4 Kings Lynn Reg District, Nfk, v4b p884
St Caths v4b p114 [1911]

Ivy Helen 1899 Q4 Gorleston, Sfk Harry Charles = Elizabeth Gorleston, Sfk in 1901

St Caths v4b p38 [1901*]

Ivy Jane 1921 Q2 Hartismere Reg District, Sfk James William = Mary Jane Wright Colchester district, Essex Jack Stokes [1919-2001] 1940 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p4305 2003 Colchester Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p1836, ref 4691A A91C 032 1103

Ivy Kathleen 1911 Q1 Edmonton, Middlesex Charles W. = Emma Frances Mower Southgate, Middlesex in 1911 Arthur E. Rudd 1939 Q3 Colchester Reg District, Essex, v4a p4089 1991 Winchester Reg District, Hants St Caths v3a p613, ref 20 2171 291 [1911]

Ivy Laura E. 1898 Q3 Norwich, Nfk Henry = Susan Rebecca Haggith Norwich, Nfk in 1901 Frank E. Payne 1922 Q2 Norwich Reg District, v4b p262
St Caths v4b p151 [1901*]

Ivy Lilian 1905 Q4 Poplar, London Francis Harry/Henry = Annie Christina Nelson

St Caths v1c p559; PR

Ivy M. 18??s/19??s

George C. Dunbar 1917 Q4 West Ham Reg District, Essex, v4a p711
St Caths

Ivy M. 1915 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex William Albert = Amy Taplin West Ham district, Essex

1917 Q2 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p723, v4a p434

Ivy M. [wife?] 1909 approx
Newham district, London

1968 Q2 Newham Reg District, London St Caths v5e p743

Ivy Mabel 1922 Q1
Bromley district, Kent

2003 Bromley Reg District, Kent St Caths ref 221D D43 193 103

Ivy Mary 1900 Q3
Kings Lynn district, Nfk

1987 Kings Lynn Reg District, Nfk St Caths ref 10 1339 487

Ivy Mary [wife?] 1912
Ipswich district, Sfk

1975 Q1 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v10 p2623

Ivy May 1902 Q2 Croydon, Surrey Arthur George = Mary Jane Worrell Croydon district, Surrey

1903 Q1 Croydon Reg District, Surrey St Caths v2a p245, v2a p199; FFP p301

Ivy May 1906 Q2 Ipswich, Sfk Admiral Charles = Alice Sarah Heckford Ipswich, Sfk in 1911 Sydney J. Wilkinson 1933 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2552 1989 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1079, ref 10 2737 689 [1911]

Ivy May 1909 Q2 Stow Reg District, Sfk Edgar = Harriet Manning Stowmarket, Sfk in 1911 Walter Munford 1932 Q1 Depwade Reg District, Nfk, v4b p486
St Caths v4a p977 [1911]

Ivy Mildred 1898 Q1 Ipswich, Sfk Harold = Alice Ada M. Walker Ipswich St Helens, Sfk in 1901; West Ham, Essex in 1911

St Caths v4a p928 [1901*] - living with mother & grandparents [1911]

Ivy Millicent 1907 Q1 Deal, Kent George = Emma Jane Sandwich, Kent in 1911 Cyril F. Grigg 1927 Q3 Eastry Reg District, Kent, v2a p2981
St Caths v2a p1098 [1911]

Ivy Muriel 1906 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex
West Ham district, Essex

1907 Q2 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p318, v4a p114

Ivy Nathalie E. A. 1895 Q4 Mutford Reg District, Sfk
Waveney district, Sfk

1979 Q1 Waveney Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p947, v10 p3523 - surname 'Read' at registration of birth