Fisk(e) Index Database
FFP ID Name Birth / Baptism Parents Resided Spouse Marriage Burial Sources & Notes

Palmer 1809 approx, Harwich, Essex
Ipswich St Margaret, Sfk in 1851 [County Gaol]

[1851] - surname 'Fisker', mariner & convicted felon

Palmer Allen 1854 Q4 Blything Reg District, Sfk
Blythburgh, Sfk

1859 Q1 Blythburgh, Sfk St Caths v4a p525, v4a p450; PR - died aged 4

Palmer Allen 1870 Q1 Blythburgh, Sfk James = Mary Ann Collyer Blythburgh, Sfk in 1871; Sotherton, Sfk in 1881; Conchan, Douglas, Isle of Man in 1901; Wangford, Sfk in 1903; Blything district, Sfk in 1911 Esther Ellen ? [b. c.1871]
1922 Q3 Wangford, Sfk IGI, St Caths v4a p713, v4a p840; PR [1871*] [1881] - scholar [1901*] - coachman at Government House [1911] PR - coachman

Patience 1777 Gt Yarmouth, Nfk Henry = Susanna Wythe Gt Yarmouth, Nfk

1777 Gt Yarmouth, Nfk IGI, VRI, PR

Patience 1804 Dennington, Sfk Mary [illegit] Dennington, Sfk

1804 Dennington, Sfk PR - baseborn infant

Patience 1826 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk George = Patience Creasy Weston nr Ellough, Sfk

1826 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk IGI, PR - died aged 2 months [109]

Patience 1829 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk George = Patience Creasy Weston nr Ellough, Sfk

1831 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk PR - died aged 1 [109]

Patience 1831 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk George = Patience Creasy Weston nr Ellough, Sfk in 1841; Gillingham, Nfk in 1851 Thomas Musk, journeyman carpenter in 1851 1850 Q3 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk, v13 p767
PR, St Caths [109] [1841*] [1851*]

Patricia 1936 Q1
Darlington district, Co. Durham

2000 Darlington Reg District, Co. Durham St Caths ref 4361B B62E 245 Y00

Patricia [wife?] 1937 approx
Romford district, Essex

1958 Q1 Romford Reg District, Essex St Caths v5a p611

Patricia Elizabeth 1932 Q3
Banbury district, Oxon.

1997 Banbury Reg District, Oxon St Caths ref 6981 57B 105 1197

Patricia Helena [wife?] 1921
Ipswich district, Sfk

1979 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v10 p2615

Patricia Thelma M. 1931 Q2 Merthyr Tidvil Reg District Charles T. = Dorothy M. Williams Bridgend district, Glamorgan Raymond A. Hutchings 1954 Q2 East Glamorgan Reg District 1997 Bridgend Reg District, Glamorgan St Caths v11a p1028, ref 8611A 100A 086 997

Patrick J. 1866 Q3 Islington Reg District, London
Islington district, London

1866 Q3 Islington Reg District, London St Caths v1b p209, v1b p172

Paul 1935 Q4 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk Herbert Edwin = Grace Edna Jewhurst

1998 Q4 Frankfurt, Germany St Caths v4a p1443 [193]

Paul 1973 Q2 North Walsham Reg District, Nfk mother's maiden name Smith North Walsham district, Nfk

1998 Q4 North Walsham Reg District, Nfk St Caths ref 6382 SM21B 268 498

Paul Brunel 1964 Q2 Pontypool Reg District, Wales Donald = Marie Cain Newport district, Wales

1992 Newport Reg District, Wales St Caths v8c p436, ref 28 639 892 [93]

Pauline 19??s Walter


Pauline 1944 Q3
Manchester district, Lancs

2004 Manchester Reg District, Lancs St Caths ref 0061G G67B 188 104

Pearl Thyra 1903 Q3 Dilham, Nfk George Henry = Harriet Susannah Doughty Dilham, Nfk

St Caths v4b p53 [175]

Peg 1905 Q3
Hatfield district, Herts

2005 Hatfield Reg District, Herts St Caths ref 5321B B52C 086 605

Peggy 1926 Q1 Devenport Reg District, Devon Harry Blanchard = Hilda I. Mason Greenwich district, London

1932 Q3 Greenwich Reg District, London St Caths v5b p436, v1d p777

Peggy [widow] 1776 approx, Little Glemham, Sfk
Woodbridge, Sfk in 1841; Woodbridge Union House in 1861

1869 Q1 Woodbridge Cemetery, Sfk St Caths v4a p444; PR - widow, died aged 93 [1841*] - hospital nurse [1861] - almoner

Peggy Primrose 1907 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk William George = Lavinia Crossley Ipswich, Sfk in 1911 James P. Stow 1928 Q2 Woodbridge Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2513
St Caths v4a p1006 [1911]

Peggy Stuart 1909 Q3 Playford, Sfk George Wainwright = Irene Marshall Playford, Sfk in 1911

1989 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1040, ref 10 2549 489 [1911]

Penelope 17??s
Beccles, Sfk John Balls of Beccles, Sfk 1787 Beccles, Sfk

Penelope 1774 Weston nr Ellough, Sfk Charles = Penelope Ireland


Percival Henry 1912 Q1 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex Frank Joseph = Elizabeth Gowers Brighton district, Sussex

1989 Brighton Reg District, Sussex St Caths v4a p1324, ref 18 24 789 [93]

Percy 1884 Ipswich St John the Baptist, Sfk ? = Mary Ann [illegit.?] Stowmarket, Sfk in 1884

PR - father a labourer

Percy 1897 Q4 Soham, Cambs Herbert James = Caroline Sheldrick Soham, Cambs in 1901 & 1918 Edith May Leonard [b. 1900, d. 1971 Q1 Bodmin Reg District, Cornwall, v7a p34] 1924 Q3 Newmarket Reg District, v3b p1342 1969 Q2 Cambridge Reg District St Caths v3b p517, v4a p653 [NA medal cards 1914-20] - Private 30719, Lancashire Fusiliers [NA Pension Cards 1914-20] [NA Service Records 1914-20] - enlisted into RFA TF Sept 1916, former occupation farmer, transfer to Lancs Fusiliers Dec 1916, served in France 1916-17, medical discharge 1918

Percy 19??s

Frances Lois Salmon [b. 1915, d. 1979 Q4 Luton Reg District, Beds, v9 p0534] 1939 Q3 Epping Reg District, Essex, v4a p1798
St Caths

Percy 1907 Q1 Middlesbrough Reg District, Co. Durham Robert Alfred = Annie Maria Whittaker Middlesbrough, Yorks in 1911

1980 Q1 Cleveland Central Reg District, Yorks St Caths v9d p562, v3 p2308

Percy 1924 Q3 Biggleswade Reg District, Beds. Arthur Henry = Rebecca Huckle Bury St Edmunds district, Sfk Vera Irene Bloxham [b. 1922, d. 1993 Biggleswade Reg District, Beds, ref 3101 27 058 1193] 1948 Q3 Hitchin Reg District, Herts, v4b p293 1987 Bury St Edmunds Reg District, Sfk St Caths v3b p475, ref 10 2362 187 [93]

Percy Ben 1883 Q3 Ipswich Holy Trinity, Sfk Benjamin = Eliza Elliston Ipswich Shire Hall Yard, Sfk in 1891; Halifax district, Yorks

1906 Q4 Halifax Reg District, Yorks St Caths v4a p715, v9a p321; PR [1891*]

Percy Cecil 1895 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk
Ipswich district, Sfk

1895 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p901, v4a p529

Percy F. 1910 Q4 Mutford Reg District, Sfk
Mutford district, Sfk in 1911

St Caths v4a p1025 - surname Fisk-Godbold

Percy Harold 1874 Q1 Hackney Reg District, London
Hackney district, London

1876 Q1 Hackney Reg District, London St Caths v1b p542, v1b p371

Percy Harold 1894 Q2 Colchester, Essex Herbert = Jessie Randall Colchester, Essex in 1901; Framlingham, Sfk Juanita Carmen O'Valle of Leiston, Sfk [b. c.1889, bur. 1968 Q4 Ipswich, Sfk, v4a p1020] 1920 Q4 Framlingham, Sfk, St Caths 4a p2797 1961 Q1 Hastings Reg District, Kent St Caths v4a 579, v5h p488, PR - engineer draughtsman [1901]

Percy Harold 1902 Q1 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk Albert William = Alice Maud Broom Ipswich district, Sfk Gladys Elizabeth Worledge [b. 1905, d. 1979 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v10 p2649] 1929 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2957 1966 Q4 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1035, v4b p954 [NA Pension Cards 1914-20]

Percy Harold 1914 Q4 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk Alfred Edwin = Ada M. Markham Ipswich district, Sfk

1974 Q4 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1867, v10 p2608

Percy James 1875 Q2 Stowmarket, Sfk James = Alice Hannah Watling Stowmarket, Sfk in 1881 & 1891; Mutford, Sfk in 1908; Northampton district, Northants in 1911 Ellen Louise Woods [b. c.1876, d. 1950 Q1 Smethwick Reg District, v9b p479] 1900 Q3 Exeter, Devon, v5b p129 1941 Q3 Smethwick Reg District, Warks St Caths v4a p591, v6b p1285 [51] [1881] [1891] - butcher's asst [1911]

Percy Lewis 1912 Q4 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk Frederick Louis Victor = Eva Laura Taylor Yarmouth district, Nfk Aleziatta Laura/Lorrain Manguzi [b. 1915, d. 2002 Q3 Waveney Reg District, ref 7531B B21C 060 702] 1937 Q4 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk, v4b p71 1991 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p56, ref 10 1235 491 [93]

Percy Roberts 1901 Q1 Badingham, Sfk Arthur = Eleanor London Badingham, Sfk in 1901 & 1911; Surrey Mid-Eastern district Ethel Gwendoline L. Chappell [b. 1907 Q2 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex, d. 1991 Q1 Surrey Mid-Eastern Reg District, ref 17 195 191] 1935 Q1 Surrey Mid-Eastern Reg District, v2a p276 1970 Q2 Surrey Mid Eastern Reg District St Caths v4a p983, v5g p267 [1901] [1911]

Percy Sidney A. or Sydney Percy A. 1897 Q1 Norwich, Nfk Henry = Susan Rebecca Haggith Norwich, Nfk in 1901; Bournemouth district, Dorset 1st May Allman [b. c.1896, d. 1959 Q3 Bournemouth, Reg District, Dorset, v6b p146] 2nd Grace Violet Day [b. 1897, d. 1981 Q4 Tonbridge Wells Reg District, Kent, v16 p1996] 1st 1921 Q1 Norwich Reg District, Nfk, v4b p332; 2nd 1968 Q4 Bournemouth Reg District, v6b p423 1977 Q3 Bournemouth Reg District, Dorset St Caths v4b p159, v23 p363 [1901*] [NA medal cards 1914-20] - Private 2831, Norfolk Regiment, also Lance Corporal 202916, East Yorkshire Regiment

Percy Thomas 1889 Q4 Ipswich, Sfk Edgar = Ellen Adelaide Dow Ipswich St Matthew, Sfk in 1891 & 1901 Gladys M. S. Wallage 1927 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2714 1961 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p783, v4b p796 [1891*] [1901*] - scholar

Percy William 1908 Q1 Lewisham Reg District, London
Hackney district, London

1908 Q3 Hackney Reg District, London St Caths v1d p1155, v1b p200

Percy William 1912 Q2 Romford Reg District, Essex George Edward = Katie Crabb Bracknell district, Berks 1st Margaret Mary Watling [b. 1910, d. 1972 Q1 Southend Reg District, Essex, v4a p3018] 2nd Violet Lilian Harvey [b. 1922, d. 1991 Bracknell Reg District, Berks, ref 19 38 291] 1st 1931 Q4 Romford Reg District, Essex, v4a p1090; 2nd 1983 Q3 Bracknell Reg District, Berks, v19 p0146 1991 Bracknell Reg District, Berks St Caths v4a p1017, ref 19 113 1291 [93] [NA Service Records 1914-20]

Peter 13??s/14??s
Hepworth, Sfk

[60] - surname 'ffyssch', his will proved in 1439

Peter 14??s/15??s
Cratfield, Sfk

1553 Cratfield, Sfk PR

Peter 1598 Rendham, Sfk William


Peter 18??s/19??s

[UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972] - Stoker, awarded South Africa Medal in 1901 for service afloat in HMS Fearless during the Boer War, serving on HMS Trafalgar in 1901

Peter 1932 Q1 Pontefract Reg District, Yorks Arthur John = Emily Yardy Pontefract district, Yorks

1974 Q4 Pontefract Reg District, Yorks St Caths v9c p137, v5 p1205

Peter 1935 Q1 Lewisham Reg District, London Claud Charles = Margaret O'Dwyer Southend district, Essex

2001 Southend Reg District, Essex St Caths v1d p1104, ref 4161B B51A 074 1195 [93]

Peter A. 19??s

Gwendoline Frances Thurston [b. 1933, d. 2006 Norwich Reg District, Nfk, ref 6391B B43B 022 1206] 1957 Q4 Wayland Reg District, Nfk, v4b p1307
St Caths

Peter David 1934 Q3 Colchester Reg District, Essex mother's maiden name Lovett Colchester district, Essex

1983 Q2 Colchester Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p1252, v9 p2051

Peter Ericson 1926 Q4
Bournemouth district, Dorset

2002 Bournemouth Reg District, Dorset St Caths ref 4271B B29D 043 502 [93]

Peter George 1924 Q2 West Ham Reg District, Essex George H. = Ruby Taylor Worthing district, Sussex

2000 Worthing Reg District, Sussex St Caths v4a p121, ref 7864A 4A12C 275 600 [93]

Peter H. J. 1927 Q4 Smallburgh Reg District, Nfk Horace John = Irene Hilda Lines Smallburgh district, Nfk

1927 Q4 Smallburgh Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p70, v4b p62

Peter Henry J. 1934 Q1 Mutford Reg District, Sfk Sidney Bertie George = Gladys S. Hadingham Norwich district, Nfk

1997 Norwich Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4a p1590, ref 6391C C21B 237 1197 [93]

Peter John 1935 Q2 Norwich Reg District, Nfk Herbert = Ethel Elizabeth Chettleburgh Norwich district, Nfk

2003 Norwich Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p192, ref 6391B B33B 002 703 [93]

Peter Louis 1941 Q2 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk Percy Lewis = Aleziatta Laura/Lorrain Manguzi Yarmouth district, Nfk

1993 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p11, ref 6361B B50B 086 993 [93]

Philip 1559 Coddenham, Sfk Edmund


Philip 16??s
Gt Yarmouth, Nfk

1673 approx, Gt Yarmouth surname 'ffiske, his will dated 1673
125d Philip 1617 St Giles Cripplegate, London Nicholas [81] = Judith Reade


Philip 17??s

1st Sarah ? [d. 1774 Pulham St Mary] 2nd Ann Basingthwaite of Morningthorpe, Nfk 2nd 1774 Pulham St Mary, Nfk
PR - widower in 1774, witness John Fiske

Philip 17??s
Halesworth, Sfk in 1793-98 Ann Alexander


Philip 1770 Tivetshall St Mary, Nfk John = Elizabeth Tivetshall St Mary, Nfk

1770 Tivetshall St Mary, Nfk [93] PR

Philip 1799 Aldeburgh, Sfk James = Ann[e] Pallant

IGI - surname possibly FISH

Philip 1820 approx
Lakenham, Nfk

1822 Lakenham, Nfk PR - aged 2

Philip 1917 Q3 Newcastle Upon Tyne Reg District, Northumberland Arthur = Mary Rita Philipson Newcastle-on-Tyne district, Northumberland Edith de C. Petterson [b. 1921 Tynemouth, d. 2002 N. Tyneside, ref 0541B B32C 080 1002] 1940 Q3 Newcastle Upon Tyne Reg District, Northumberland, v10b p62 1976 Q3 Newcastle Upon Tyne Reg District, Northumberland St Caths v10b p62, v2 p0580

Philip Gooch 1824 Mutford, Sfk Matthew = Maria Gooch Mutford, Sfk in 1841, 1851 & 1861; Pendleton in Salford, Lancs in 1881; Broughton, Lancs in 1901 Harriet Strowger [b. c.1830 Blythburgh, Sfk, d. 1899 Q4 Salford Reg District, Lancs, v8d p57] 1847 Q4 Mutford Reg District, Sfk, v13 p1199 1910 Q3 Salford, Lancs IGI, St Caths v8d p41 [1841*] [1851-1881] NPC - gardener, his will mentions Robert Fisk, confectioner [1901] - park keeper & caretaker

Philip James 1895 Q2 Norwich Reg District, Nfk

St Caths v4b p187

Philip Leonard 1927 Q1 Newmarket Reg District, Cambs Percy = Edith M. Leonard Plymouth district, Devon Thelma Webb [b. 1932, d. 1984 Q2 Plymouth Reg District, Devon, ref 21 1835 684] 1951 Q3 Cambridge Reg District, v4a p761 1995 Plymouth Reg District, Devon St Caths v3b p658, ref 4161B B51A 074 1195 [93]

Phillip Donald 1902
Worcester district, Worcs.

1975 Q2 Worcester Reg Dustrict, Worcs. St Caths v29 p0758

Phillip Marcus 1903 Q2 Hackney, London Harry Marcus = Jane Gerdes Hackney, London in 1911 1st Gladys Irene Jacques [b. c.1904, d. 1956 Q4 London City Reg District v5d p129] 2nd Edna Muriel Mason [b. 1909, d. 1988 Q2 Alton Reg District, Hants, ref 20 32 688] 1st 1930 Q3 Romford Reg District, Essex; 2nd 1958 Q2 Bromley Reg District, v5b p338 1989 Windsor Reg District, Berks St Caths v1b p568, ref 19 648 589 [93] [1911]

Phillis Eveline R. 1900 Q1 Dover, Kent John William = Margaret Wallis Dover, Kent in 1901; Reigate, Surrey in 1911

St Caths v2a p1050 [1901*] [1911]

Phinehas 1593 Bungay Holy Trinity, Sfk Thomas [106] = Margery

PR - died young?
172 Phinehas 1600 approx Thomas [106] = Margery Wingfield, Sfk in 1638; Salem, Wenham, MA 1st Sarah Francis; 2nd Elizabeth Easterick / Eastwick 1st 1617 Metfield, Sfk; 2nd 1660 Wenham, MA 1673 Wenham, MA FFP p330, PR [14] - aged approx 10 in father's will of 1610 [AMS] [NEHGS #55] - Captain Phinehas

Phoebe 17??s

Robert Hovels 1786 Belton, Sfk

Phoebe 17??s
Carleton Rode, Nfk John Trudgill before 1797
PR - bapt of son Thomas Christopher Trudgill in 1797

Phoebe 1744 Stockton, Nfk Henry = Anna Linsey Stockton, Nfk in 1770 & 1784 Noah Garmer 1770 Stockton, Nfk
IGI, PR - bapt of dau Susannah Garmer in 1784

Phoebe 1779 Linstead Parva, Sfk Henry = Elizabeth Mann Sweffling, Sfk in 1841 & 1851 George Howell, cordwainer 1799 Gt Glemham, Sfk 1858 Sweffling, Sfk IGI [1841] [1851]

Phoebe 1781 Stockton, Nfk Henry = Mary Herrod Stockton, Nfk in 1806; Kirby Cane, Nfk in 1819 Richard Savage, labourer of Kirby Cane 1806 Stockton, Nfk
IGI, PR - bapt of dau Maria Savage in 1819

Phoebe 1785 Beccles, Sfk illegitimate dtr of Sarah [nee Fisk], widow of Matthew Beccles, Sfk James Taylor of Beccles, Sfk 1822 Beccles, Sfk

Phoebe 1791 approx [illegit.] Garboldisham, Nfk

1791 Garboldisham, Nfk PR - infant, spuria proles

Phoebe 1800 Wrentham, Sfk Samuel = Phoebe Boyce Wrentham, Sfk William Mitchells of Wrentham 1829 Wrentham, Sfk
IGI, PR - servant in 1826 [182]

Phoebe 1801 Westhall, Sfk Sarah [illegit.] Westhall, Sfk

1801 Uggeshall, Sfk IGI, PR - baseborn

Phoebe 1810 approx, Westhall, Sfk
Westhall, Sfk Henry Burgess, shoemaker 1849 Q1 Blything, Sfk, v13 p711 1881 Q2 Blything Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p457 [57]

Phoebe 1817 Wangford, Sfk Cornelius = Mary Ann[e] Palmer Blythburgh, Sfk in 1841, 1861 & 1881 James Woodyard, ag lab 1846 Q1 Blythburgh, Sfk, v13 p661 1888 Q2 Blything Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p457, IGI, PR - twin of Mary Ann[e], marriage witnesses were John & Elizabeth Fisk [1841*] - living with parents [1861] [1881]

Phoebe 1829 Westleton, Sfk Henry = Mary Ann[e] Mayhew Westleton, Sfk

before 1831 VRI, PR

Phoebe 1831 Westleton, Sfk Henry = Mary Ann[e] Mayhew Westleton, Sfk in 1841; Pulham St Mary, Nfk in 1851 George Thirkettle, grocer & draper 1849 Q4 Depwade Reg District, Nfk, v13 p139
St Caths [4] [1841*] [1851]
684 Phoebe 1834 Dennington, Sfk George = Sarah Day Dennington, Sfk in 1841-1901 unmarried
1902 Q3 Hoxne Reg District, Sfk PR, IGI, St Caths v4a p467 [1841*] [1851] [1861] [1871*] dressmaker living with widowed mother [1881] - laundress living with widowed mother [1891] - charwoman [1901] - charwoman

Phoebe 1861 Q2 Westleton, Sfk Henry = Mary Ann Warne Westleton, Sfk in 1861

1861 Q3 Westleton, Sfk St Caths v4a p680, v4a p420; PR - died aged 4 months [1861]

Phoebe 1867 Westleton, Sfk
Westleton, Sfk

1867 Westleton, Sfk PR - died aged 4 months

Phoebe 1873 Q3 Faversham, Kent William Mayhew = Rachel Faversham, Kent in 1881; Herne Bay, Kent in 1901

St Caths v2a p712 [1881] - scholar [1901] - parlourmaid domestic

Phoebe 1878 Q2 Northowram, Halifax, Yorks. Walter = Sarah Ann Reeve Halifax district, Yorks

1879 Q1 Halifax Reg District, Yorks St Caths v9a p594, v9a p450 [93]

Phoebe 1886 Q1 Marylebone Reg District, London
Marylebone district, London

1886 Q3 Marylebone Reg District, London St Caths v1a p615, v1a p234

Phoebe 1892 Q1 Yarmouth Reg District, Nfk

St Caths v4b p30

Phoebe Elizabeth 1877 Q1 Poringland, Nfk Joseph = Harriett Hudson Caistor St Edmund, Nfk in 1881; Heigham, Nfk in 1891; Caistor St Edmund, Nfk in 1898; Stowmarket, Sfk in 1901 1st Arthur Richard Blackburn of Coltishall; 2nd Thomas Alexander Crascall 1st 1898 Coltishall, Nfk; 2nd 1900 Q1 Stow Reg District, Sfk, v4a p925
St Caths v4b p196 [93] [1881] - scholar [1891*] - domestic servant [1901]

Phoebe Elizabeth 1903 Q3 Brearton, Yorks Walter = Clara Mountain Knaresborough district, Yorks in 1911; Pontefract district, Yorks

1977 Q4 Pontefract Reg District, Yorks St Caths v9a p97, v5 p1202 [1911]

Phoebe Ellen 1893 Q2 Burnley, Lancs Charles James = Elizabeth Ann Loynd Burnley, Lancs

1893 Q3 Burnley, Lancs [93] St Caths v8e p175, v8e p128

Phoebe Emily 1878 Q3 [bapt. 1885] Camberwell, London Samuel = Margaret Towsey Camberwell, London in 1881; Southwark, London in 1901 Charles William Smith, brass finisher 1899 Q4 St George Camberwell, London, v1d p1501
St Caths v1d p754, PR [1881] [1901]

Phyllis Daphne 1929 Q3 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex Albert Edward = Gertrude Alice Goddard Ipswich, Sfk Leonard J. Fenton [1923-2001] 1949 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4b p2217 1985 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1109, ref 10 3097 385

Phyllis E. R. 18??s/19??s

Robert E. Stoodley 1921 Q2 Pewsey Reg District, Wilts, v5a p359
St Caths

Phyllis Eileen 1916 Q2 Staines Reg District, Middlesex George = Ethel Jane Cook Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex in 1929

1929 Q1 St Mary, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex St Caths v3a p17, v3a p11; PR - died aged 17

Phyllis Ellen L. 1908 Q2 Brentford Reg District, Middlesex

St Caths v3a p111

Phyllis Emily 1904 Q3 Wood Green, Middlesex George = Rowena Emily Clark Wood Green, Middlesex in 1911 Alfred E. Furse 1929 Q2 Edmonton Reg District, Middlesex, v3a p1271
St Caths v3a p487 [1911]

Phyllis Mary [wife?] 1912
Haringey district, London

1973 Q2 Haringey Reg District, London St Caths v5b p1884

Pleasance 16??s/17??s

Richard Stockdale or Stockings 1732 Metfield, Sfk

Pleasance 16??s/17??s
Linstead Parva, Sfk

1745 Linstead Parva, Sfk PR

Pleasance 1704 Linstead Parva, Sfk Anthony = Pleasance Feveryear Linstead Parva, Sfk

1705 Linstead Parva, Sfk IGI, PR

Pleasance 1743 Chediston, Sfk Samuel = Elizabeth Shelley
Joseph Blundra 1771 South Elmham All Saints, Sfk

Pleasance Amelia Agnes 1903 Q1 Cantley, Nfk Arthur Edgar = Honor Pleasance Bennett Loddon district, Nfk in 1911 Reginald C. Styles 1941 Q4 Wainford Reg District, Sfk, v4a p3699
St Caths v4b p208 [8] [93] [1911]

Pleasence [widow] 15??s/16??s
Framlingham, Sfk

1631 approx, Framlingham, Sfk surname 'ffishe', her will of 1631 - widow

Polly 1877 approx, Portsea, Hants Walter A. = Harriet Broadwater, Sussex in 1881

[1881] - scholar, surname 'Fick'

Polly A. 1884 approx, Dennington, Sfk George = Florence Bromeswell, Sfk in 1891; Ipswich St Mary Stoke, Sfk in 1901 unmarried in 1901

[1891*] - scholar [1901*] - housemaid; St Caths - surname possibly Fisk-Smith

Polly A. 1894 Q3 Trimley St Mary, Sfk George = Jane Newson Newbourne, Sfk in 1901; Samford district, Sfk George Kinsey 1917 Q4 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2123 1958 Q3 Samford Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p866, v4b p732 [1901] - scholar

Priscilla 1656 Mettingham, Sfk William = Abigail Page Mettingham, Sfk Henry Fisk 1677 Mettingham nr Bungay, Sfk 1713 Bungay, Sfk IGI, BMI, FFP p378

Priscilla 1705 Mettingham, Sfk William = Mary Mettingham, Sfk

1706 Mettingham, Sfk PR

Priscilla 1782 approx Thomas = Anne Potter Cotton, Sfk

1795 Cotton, Sfk PR - died aged 17

Priscilla 1846 Q4 Leiston, Sfk Benjamin = Emma Reeve Rendlesham, Sfk in 1851; Eyke, Sfk in 1861 Frederick Leech 1866 Q4 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1459
St Caths v13 p390 [1851*] [1861]

Priscilla 1868 approx, Dukinfield, Lancs Samuel = Mary Hyde, Cheshire in 1881

[1881] - servant domestic, surname 'Fisker'

Priscilla Charlotte 1882 Q1 Lowestoft, Sfk Christopher Charles = Sarah Ann[e] Sutton Pakefield, Sfk in 1891; Tanfield, Co Durham in 1901 Samuel Long 1901 Q4 Lanchester Reg District, Co. Durham, v10a p494
St Caths v4a p878 [1891*] - scholar living with mother [1901*]

Priscilla Charlotte 1900 Q3 Lanchester Reg District, Co. Durham
Lanchester district, Co. Durham

1900 Q4 Lanchester Reg District, Co. Durham St Caths v10a p333, v10a p182

Priscilla Elizabeth 1851 Q3 Oulton, Sfk James = Maria Castleton Oulton, Sfk in 1861; Surlingham, Nfk; Somerleyton, Sfk in 1881 & 1891 Walter Powley, brick maker 1870 Q1 Surlingham, Nfk, v4b p297
IGI, PR, St Caths v13 p486 [93] [1861*] - living with widowed mother [1881] [1891] - had nephews James Robert Fisk, 9 and John Fisk, 6 both born Co. Durham living with them in 1891

Priscilla H. Margaret 1895 Q2 Hollesley, Sfk Elijah = Elizabeth Ann Dorley Hollesley, Sfk in 1901 Sydney C. Hannatt 1916 Q1 Woodbridge Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2009
St Caths v4a p941 [1901*]

Prudence 1598 approx, White Colne, Essex

Thomas Clark


Prudence 1628 approx, Wenhaston, Sfk Henry

FFP p382, IGI

Prudence 1634 Ipswich St Nicholas, Sfk Robert = Dorcas Ipswich St Nicholas, Sfk

1639 Ipswich St Matthew, Sfk IGI, PR
250 Prudence 1689 Norton, Sfk Charles [211] = Prudence Frost Norton, Sfk

1711 Norton, Sfk PR, FFP p140, IGI
324 Prudence 1718 Norton, Sfk Charles [248] = Mary Parmenter
Thomas Fuller 1736 Norton, Sfk
PR, FFP p151, IGI, BMI

Prudence 1734 Stockton, Nfk Henry = Anna Linsey Stockton, Nfk in 1770 Robert Herrod of Stockton 1770 Stockton, Nfk

Prudence 1749 Norton, Sfk Zachariah [327] = Elizabeth Cock

346 Prudence 1751 Bardwell, Sfk Samuel [321] = Martha Bradley Walsham-le-Willows, Sfk Thomas Cocke of Stanton 1776 Walsham-le-Willows, Sfk
PR, FFP p153 [29] IGI; Allegations for Marriage Licences in the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk

Prudence 1768 Stanton All Saints, Sfk Charles [347] = Mary Shepherd Stanton, Sfk John Clarke 1787 Stanton St John, Sfk
PR [29] IGI