Fisk(e) Index Database
FFP ID Name Birth / Baptism Parents Resided Spouse Marriage Burial Sources & Notes

Valentine Vera 1908 Q2 Mutford, Sfk Percy James = Ellen Louise Woods Northampton district, Northants in 1911 Leslie Vickers 1936 Q3 Smethwick Reg District, Warks, v6b p2358
St Caths v4a p1154 [51] [1911]

Vanda Mary Sanders 1904 Q3 Kensington, London William Sanders = Grace Baldry Eastry district, Kent in 1911

St Caths v1a p112 [1911]

Vaughan 1860 approx, London
Hanover Sq., London in 1881 unmarried in 1881

[1881] - clerk in 1881, res. 3 Sutherland Pl. [same person as James Thomas Vaughan ?]

Vera 1901 Q3 Newchurch, Isle of Wight Thomas = Annie Blake Isle of Wight

1960 Q4 Isle of Wight Reg District St Caths v2b p614, v6b p898, VRI

Vera Amy 1920 Q3
Tunbridge Wells district, Kent

1995 Tunbridge Wells Reg District, Kent St Caths ref 5761A A9 206 1195

Vera Dorothy 1886 Q4 Croydon, Surrey Charles = Marion Webber Clapham, London in 1901

St Caths v2a p254 [1901]

Vera Dorothy 1930 Q3
Chatham district, Kent

1991 Chatham Reg District, Kent St Caths ref 16 613 1191

Vera Dorothy M. 1924 Q2 Hendon Reg District, Middlesex James George = Ethel Grace Hankins Middlesex Franciszek R. Lang 1951 Q2 Willesden Reg District, Middlesex, v5f p450 1997 Milton Keynes Reg District, Bucks St Caths ref 3261B B20B 145 1197

Vera Lilian 1906 Q1 Blything Reg District, Sfk Thomas Frederick = Alice Rose Snowden Blything district, Sfk in 1911 Arthur J. Sparrow 1936 Q3 Lothingland Reg District, Sfk, v4a p3913 1999 Waveney Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1136, ref 7531A A16C 071 199 [1911]

Vera Mary 1907 Q1 Hopton, Sfk Samuel Henry = Martha Ann Margaret Filby Hopton, Sfk in 1911

St Caths v4b p332 [1911]

Vera Verdum 1916 Q4 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk James = Daisy Alice Pratt Deben district, Sfk Claude Ernest Keen 1939 Q3 Deben Reg District, Sfk, v4a p5285 1988 Deben Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a 1825, ref 7431 23C 141 998 [93]

Vere [Vera?] 1643 Thorington, Sfk Thomas = Frances Thorington, Sfk

1643 Thorington, Sfk IGI, PR

Vernon Edward 1901 Q2 Broadstairs, Kent Norah Charlotte [illegit.] visiting Broadstairs, Kent in 1901

St Caths v2a p1004 [1901*] - un-named infant in 1901, under 1 month

Vernon Maurice 1918 Q1 Bromley Reg District, Kent Cyrus = Amy Alice Payton Croydon district, Surrey Constance Gertrude Norman [b. 1906, d.1994 Q2 Croydon Reg District, Surrey, ref 2251A A52B 186 494] 1950 Q4 Marylebone Reg District, London, v5d p641 1982 Q2 Croydon Reg District, Surrey St Caths v2a p775, v11 p1681

Veronica A. 1854 Q4 Norwich Reg District, Nfk

St Caths v4b p128

Victor 1893 approx, Poole, Dorset Walter = Eva Branksome, Dorset in 1901

[1901] - NOTE - surname FISH not FISK

Victor 1910 approx, Gorleston, Sfk Frederick Lewis Victor = Eva Laura Taylor Gorleston, Sfk in 1911


Victor Arnold C. 1919 Q1 Aylsham Reg District, Nfk Robert James = Julia Clouting Norwich district, Nfk Gladys Ethel Burgundy [b. 1925, d. 2005 Lincolnshire Reg District, ref 6091H H2D 104 905] 1949 Q1 Whittlesey Reg District, Cambs, v4a p639 2000 Norwich Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p117, ref 6391A A26B 289 1200 [93]

Victor Charles 1913 Q2 Hartismere Reg District, Sfk James William = Mary Jane Wright nee Watson Grantham district, Lincs Doreen Louise Watson [b. 1916, d. 1989 Q3 Grantham Reg District, Lincs, ref 7 1350 789] 1939 Q4 Blyth Reg District, Sfk, v4a p5276 1985 Grantham Reg District, Lincs St Caths v4a p1954, ref 07 1732 185 [93]

Victor George 1945 Q2 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex George Henry = Elizabeth Gladys Johnston Chelmsford district, Essex

2001 Chelmsford Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p935, ref 4681A A69G 138 1201 [93]

Victor George Grantham 1893 Q3 Wood Green, Middlesex George William Victor = Maria Florence Louise Grantham Isleworth, Middlesex in 1901; Hounslow, Middlesex in 1915 Millicent Kathleen Herd [b. 1897, d. 1980 Q3 Kingston Reg District, Surrey, v13 p1610] 1921 Q1 Walsall Reg District, v6b p1482 1926 Q4 Brentford Reg District, Middlesex St Caths v3a p384, v3a p83; PR - father a clerk [NA Pension cards 1914-20] - attested in Nov 1915 for Inns of Court Officer Training Corps (TA), former trade Barrister, commissioned 5th Bn Hampshire Regt Oct 1916, promoted to Lieutenant May 1918, relinquished commission Mar 1919 due to ill health. Re-attested as Private in Inns of Court OTC Nov 1924, medical discharge Apr 1926 [AL 1917] - 2nd Lt. Hampshire Regt., 9th (Cyclist) Bn. Territorials, commissioned in 1916 [AL 1918] - Lt. Hampshire Regt. Command Depot [NA medal cards 1914-20] - 2nd Lieutenant & Lieutenant, Hampshire Regiment, also 2nd Lieutenant, Essex Regiment [LG] - reinlisted into the ranks in 1924 & resigned the rank of Lieutenant [LG] - certified third class legal clerk in the Supreme Court of Judicature in 1924

Victor George H. 1901 Q3 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland Arthur Benjamin = Elizabeth Gill Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland in 1911 Dorothy A. C. Griffiths 1933 Q3 Wandsworth Reg District, London, v1d p1726 1961 Q4 Battersea Reg District, London St Caths v10b p111, v5c p17 [1911]

Victor H. 18??s/19??s

[UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972] - Telegraphist BZ/11031, awarded British War Medal & Victory Medal for service in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve during WW1

Victor Harry 1900 Q1 Birmingham, Warks John = Amy Franks Oldbury, Worcs in 1901; Kings Norton district, Worcs in 1911 Lilian Dorothy Rudge [b. 1900, d. 1989 Q12 Birmingham Reg District, ref 32 396 1289] 1922 Q4 Kings Norton Reg District, Worcs, v6d p277 1986 Birmingham Reg District, Warks St Caths v6d p243, ref 32 1526 686 [1901] [1911]

Victor Henry 1900 Q2 Hopton, Sfk Samuel Henry = Martha Ann Margaret Filby Hopton, Sfk in 1901 & 1911; Poole district, Dorset

1979 Q3 Poole Reg District, Dorset St Caths v4b p360, v23 p0537 [1901] [1911] NPC - father's probate of 1925 - grocer & draper

Victor John 1910 Q2 Badingham, Sfk Harry = Georgianna Ford Badingham, Sfk in 1911 Lily Maud Moss [b. 1910, d. 1974 Q3 Blyth Reg District, Sfk, v10 p1879] 1934 Q2 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2786 1998 Deben Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p993, ref 7431 23C 188 1098 [93] [1911] [NA Pension Cards 1914-20]

Victoria Kate 1886 Q2 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk
Ipswich St Mary at Quay, Sfk in 1891 & 1901 Frederick Allen Gravener or Evelyn Turner 1909 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1984
St Caths v4a p838 [93] [1891*] - visiting the Norman family [1901*] - domestic servant, adopted daughter of the Norman family

Victoria May 1901 Q2 Llanrhydd, Denbighshire James William = Hannah Louisa Ward Llanrhydd, Denbighshire in 1901 Ernest Wilson Court [former husband of sister Mary Eugenia Madeline] 1932 Q2 Stratford, Warks, v6d p1549
St Caths v11b p283 [182] [1901]

Victoria Susanna 1842 Q1 St George in the East, London Henry = Elizabeth Christiana Martin Kelvedon, Essex in 1851; Kentish Town, London in 1861; St Pancras, London in 1871; Islington, London in 1881 James Loveday Wonfor Earl, hairdresser in 1881 1865 Q3 Pancras Reg District, London, v1b p183
St Caths v2 p504 [1851*] - scholar [1861*] - assistant milliner [1871] [1881] NPC - mothers probate of 1862

Victoria Violet 1866 Q1 Lee, Kent John Josiah = Ann Peet Westminster, London in 1871; Brighton, Sussex in 1881 (boarding scholar)

St Caths v1d p849 [1871*] [1881] - scholar

Vida Julia H. 1909 Q3 West Ham, Essex James Henry = Winifred Virginia Rendall West Ham, Essex in 1911 Frederick C. Edwards 1939 Q4 Surrey Mid Eastern Reg District, v2a p1295 2005 Kent Reg District St Caths v4a p264, ref 5641U KDU7 076 305 [1911]

Violet 1887 Q3 Stratford, Essex Richard = Harriet Ann Townrow West Ham, Essex in 1891 & 1901 1st Henry M. Tyler; 2nd Bill Roamer 1st 1910 Q3 Romford Reg District, Essex, v4a p1058
St Caths v4a p31 [1891*] [1901*] - in industry [177]

Violet 1901 Cretingham, Sfk Alfred George = Charlotte Friend Cretingham, Sfk in 1901


Violet 1902 Q3 West Ham Reg District, Essex
West Ham district, Essex

1919 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex St Caths v4a p322, v4a p256

Violet 1909 Q4 Arlesey, Beds Arthur Henry = Rebecca Huckle Arlesey, Beds in 1911 Harry Nicholls 1934 Q3 Biggleswade Reg District, Beds, v3b p1025
St Caths v3b p302 [1911]

Violet [wife?] 1886 approx
Crewe district, Cheshire

1961 Q1 Crewe Reg District, Cheshire St Caths v10a p340

Violet [wife?] 1907
Norwich district, Nfk

1970 Q3 Norwich Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p1638

Violet Amy 1889 Q4 Swanton Abbott, Nfk Ann Phyllis [later married Benjamin Webster - illegit.?] Swanton Abbot, Nfk in 1891; Dilham, Nfk in 1901 Frederick Lynes 1918 Q3 Smallburgh Reg District, Nfk, v4b p89
St Caths v4b p79 [1891*] - lodger with Rump family [1901] - living with mother & Benjamin Webster

Violet Annie 1878 Q4 Mutford Reg District, Sfk James = Elizabeth Hambling Mutford, Sfk in 1881; Willingham, Sfk in 1901 Sidney Ernest Briggs, ag lab in 1901 1900 Q4 Mutford Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2235
St Caths v4a p800 [1881] - living with grandparents in 1881 [1901]

Violet Annie 1901 Q3 Nacton, Sfk James William = Eliza Ann Rookyard Levington, Sfk in 1911

St Caths v4a p1067 [1911]

Violet Blanche 1905 Q1 Beccles, Sfk Frederick = Susan Todd Beccles, Sfk in 1911 Thomas A. Kerridge 1929 Q4 Wangford Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2835
St Caths v4a p1147 [1911]

Violet Constance 1908 Q4 Blything Reg District, Sfk
Blything district, Sfk

1909 Q1 Blything Reg District, Sfk St Caths v4a p1031, v4a p697

Violet Dolly 1904 Q2 Woodbridge Reg District, Sfk

St Caths v4a p1084

Violet Dora 1900 Q3 Carlton Colville, Sfk William James = Susannah Nichols Carlton Colville, Sfk in 1901

St Caths v4a p1076 [1901]

Violet Elizabeth 1880 Q4 St Pancras, London Walter = Elizabeth Sarah Claxton St Pancras, London in 1881 & 1891; Islington, London in 1901

St Caths v1b p85; PR [1881] [1891] - scholar [1901]

Violet Elizabeth 1924 Q2 Camberwell Reg District, London Henry George = Violet Lilian Harland Corby district, Northants

2003 Corby Reg District, Northants St Caths v1d p1363, ref 6671 23 010 303

Violet Elizabeth [wife?] 1885 approx
Croydon district, Surrey

1908 Q1 Croydon Reg District, Surrey St Caths v2a p188

Violet Emily 1900 Q4 [bapt. 1905 Kensal Green] Kensington, London Arthur Frederick = Mabel May Kensington, London in 1901 & 1911 Walter Robert Summers, carpenter 1921 Q4 St Andrew And St Philip, Kensal Green, London, v1a p399
St Caths v1a p128; PR - father a horse keeper in 1900, a wheelwright in 1921 [1901*] [1911]

Violet Emily 1920 Q3
Lewisham district, London

2006 Lewisham Reg District, London St Caths ref 2421B B93A 052 306

Violet Emma 1903 Q3 Framingham Pigot, Nfk Henry = Agnes Emma Rose Framingham Pigot, Nfk in 1911 Herbert T. Payne 1939 Q4 Norwich Outer Reg District, Nfk, v4b p537
St Caths v4b p202

Violet Ethel 1897 Q4 Walthamstow, Essex George James = Mary Allen Leyton, Essex in 1901 & 1911

St Caths v4a p408 [1901*] [1911]

Violet Ethel 1905 Q2 Ipswich, Sfk Charles = Ellen Sarah Jacobs Malden, Surrey in 1911 Albert G. R. Pegg 1925 Q3 Ipswich Reg District, Sfk, v4a p2677
St Caths v4a p1016 [1911]

Violet Irene 1913 Q2 Edmonton Reg District, Middlesex John = Emily Amelia Visick Mid Surrey district Harry J. Lucas 1940 Q2 Surrey North East Reg District, v2a p264 1999 Mid Surrey Reg District St Caths v3a p1033, ref 7561A MSA4 300 399

Violet Kitty 1908 Q2 Camberwell, London Charles Stanley = Elizabeth Finnett Camberwell, London in 1911

St Caths v1d p800 [1911]

Violet Lilian 1908 Q1

1987 Birmingham St Caths ref 32 122 1287

Violet Lindsey 1908 Q1 Newcastle on Tyne Reg District, Northumberland

St Caths v10b p78

Violet Maria 1870 Q3 Norwich Reg District, Nfk
Norwich, Nfk

1870 Q4 Norwich Reg District, Nfk St Caths v4b p135, v4b p99

Violet Marian G. 1888 Q4 Lambeth Reg District, London

St Caths v1d p350

Violet Mary 1890 Q2 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancs. Edward = Mary Jane Kynaston Toxteth Park, Lancs in 1891; Chester, Cheshire in 1901; Solihull district, West Midlands

1961 Q2 Solihull Reg District, West Midlands St Caths v8b p211, v9c p926, VRI [1901] [LG] - civil service appointments 1913 - appointed Female Sorting Clerk & Telephonist, North Wales District

Violet Mary 1891 Q4 Leiston, Sfk Augustus Daniel = Ellen Jane Hayward Leiston, Sfk in 1901 1st Harry C. Overett or Henry W. Todd; 2nd Cyril Capp 1st 1911 Q1 Plomesgate Reg District, Sfk, v4a p1287; 2nd 1920 Q3 Blything Reg District, Sfk, v4a p3034
St Caths v4a p899 [1901*]

Violet Mary 1920 Q2
Isle of Wight

1990 Isle of Wight Reg District St Caths ref 20 2035 590

Violet Maud 1906 Q4 Axminster Reg District, Devon William Henry = Elizabeth Ruddell Axminster district, Devon in 1911

St Caths v5b p1 [1911]

Violet May 1885 Q2 Dennington, Sfk William = Matilda Studd Dennington, Sfk in 1891; Wickham Market, Sfk in 1901

St Caths v4a p719 [1891] - scholar [1901] - domestic servant

Violet May 1888 Q2 Charsfield, Sfk George = Sarah Brooks Charsfield, Sfk in 1901 Arthur Heard, police constable 1915 Q4 St John, Walham Green, London, v1a p776
St Caths v4a p864; PR - father a roadman [1901*]

Violet May 1900 Q2 Kingston Reg District, Surrey [Hollesley Bay, Sfk according to 1901 census] Horace = Minnie Pierce Witley, Surrey in 1901; Selsey, Sussex in 1911

St Caths v2a p430 [1901*] [1911]

Violet May 1909 Q4 Twickenham, Middlesex Elijah = Elizabeth Norris [grand-daughter?] Twickenham, Middlesex in 1911 Walter W. Fields 1938 Q2 Brentford Reg District, Middlesex, v3a p629 1993 Hounslow Reg District, Middlesex St Caths v3a p111, ref 2571B 26B 251 1193 [1911]

Violet Ruby 1902 Q3 St Albans Reg District, Herts Harold = Alice Ada M. Walker West Ham, Essex in 1911 Hubert S. Clark 1933 Q1 West Ham Reg District, Essex, v4a p408
St Caths v3a p774 [1911] - 'Ruby'

Violet Weatherhead 1921 Q1
North Tyneside district

2002 North Tyneside Reg District, Co. Durham St Caths ref 0541B B31C 207 802

Vivian Hazlewood 1896 Q1 Whitton, Sfk William Charles = Alice Cordelia Haslewood Dedham, Essex in 1901; Samford district, Sfk in 1911; emigrated to Canada with parents after 1911

St Caths v4a p848; PR [1901] [1911] [162]