Key to sources and abbreviations
in the Fisk(e) Index.

[1841] to [1901] - UK national census data.
AL - Army List (commissioned officers)
BMI - Boyd's Marriage Index
- wills proved by the Consistory Court of Norwich.

[CR] Criminal Registers 1791-1892 []
- Commonwealth War Graves Commission, available
FFP [followed by page nos.] - Fiske Family Papers by Henry ffiske, published 1901/2.
FST - Footprints on the Sands of Time: RAF Bomber Command Prisoners of War in Germany 1939-45

G&C Biographical history of Gonville & Caius college
GMC Registers of the General Medical Council
IGI - International Genealogical Index, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [LDS], now available
ISTG - Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
- London Gazette online
- National Archives online
- the Registers of the New England Historical Genealogical Society.
NPC - National Probate Calendar
BPB - British Phone Books 1880-1984 via
PCC - wills proved
by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
PMI - Pallot's Marriage Index
PR - Parish records transcribed by others.
RA - Royal Artillery
RAF - Royal Air Force
RAMC - Royal Army Medical Corps
ROL 1873 - Register of the Ownership of Land, 1873
RFA - Royal Field Artillery
RGA - Royal Garrison Artillery
RHA - Royal Horse Artillery
RN - Royal Navy
St Caths - Entries from the index to the General Records Office at St Catherine's House, kindly provided by Alf Case.
SDGW - Soldiers Died in the Great War
TOL Times Online
- UK Vital Records Index, available on CD-ROM from the LDS.
* - denotes that I have seen the original record or a copy of it

Numbered sources

[1] - from "Marriage licenses from the Official Note Books of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk deposited at the Ipswich Probate Court 1613-1674" printed at the private press of Frederick Arthur Crisp, 1903.
[2] - from "Suffolk Parish Registers, Marriages vol.IV"; Phillimore's Parish Registers series.
[3] - correspondence from Ray Long (UK) regarding Fisks of Lavenham, Sfk.
[4] - correspondence from C.Hodges (New Zealand) regarding descendants of Henry Fisk(e) of Westleton.
[5] - correspondence from David Madsen & Margaret Brown (New Zealand) regarding Fisks of Starston & Snetterton, Nfk.
[6] - correspondence from Roberta Steinwachs (USA) regarding Mary Ann Fisk and her parents, from Norfolk.
[7] - correspondence from Toinette Fisk (New Zealand) regarding George Fisk and family.
[8] - correspondence from Sarah Styles (UK) regarding the descendants of Reuben Fisk.
[9] - correspondence from Valerie Peels (Australia) regarding the descendants of Anne Fisk & William Ward of Theberton.
[10] - NEHGS register of April 1933, containing chancery proceedings mentioning various Fisk(e)s.
[11] - NEHGS register of July 1933, containing charters mentioning various Fisk(e)s.
[12] - NEHGS register of October 1933, containing part 1 of the early Fisk(e) pedigree.
[13] - NEHGS register of April 1934, containing part 2 of the early Fisk(e) pedigree.
[14] - NEHGS register of July 1934, containing part 3 of the early Fisk(e) pedigree.
[15] - NEHGS register of April 1938, containing revisions to the early Fisk(e) pedigree.
[16] - NEHGS register of July 1938, containing further revisions to the early Fisk(e) pedigree.
[17] - article from his
website by Stephen M. Lawson concerning Richard Fisk(e) of Laxfield and his descendants.
[18] - posting to the Suffolk list from Sidney Turrell (Australia) regarding Mary Fisk & Edmund Scarlett.
[19] - correspondence from Karl Gibson (UK) regarding Sarah Fisk & James Tench.
[20] - correspondence from Nick Tatham (UK) regarding the descendants of Abraham Fisk & Elizabeth Wardley of Dennington.
- correspondence from Thomas Lawley (USA) regarding Henry Fisk & Emily Foulsham of Yoxford.
[22] - marriages collected at Suffolk Records Office by Brian Fisk (UK).
[23] - correspondence from Christopher Richards (UK) regarding Fisk(e) and Woolnough marriages.
[24] - correspondence from Barry Cubitt (Australia) regarding Elizabeth Fiske and Thomas Webster from Gt. Yarmouth.
[25] - correspondence from Glenn Wright, Al Muise-Benner & Marg Jess (Canada) regarding Augustus Fisk & Ann Curtiss & family of Weston nr. Ellough, Suffolk.
[26] - correspondence from Don McArthur (S.Africa) regarding Fiskes of Thorpe Morieux..
[27] - correspondence from Tony Fiske (UK) regarding the descendants of William Fiske [427].
[28] - correspondence from Mary Fiske (USA) regarding the descendants of Richard Zachariah Fiske.
[29] - correspondence from Valerie Robinson (UK) regarding the descendants of Samuel Fiske [321].
[30] - Fisk(e) wills proved in the Consistory Court of Norwich 1604-1686 (Brian Fisk).
[31] - correspondence from Robert Neil (Canada) regarding Fisk & Bardwell marriages.
- extract from Kettlebaston parish records & copy of marriage certificate of Rev.John Robert Fiske & Emma Calver.
[33] - family tree supplied by Joy Fisk (UK).
[34] - correspondence from Pete Fisk (UK) regarding the descendants of George Fisk & Jane Margaret Whitton, of Covent Garden.
[35] - posting by Barbara Fiske Booky regarding descendants of Anthony Fisk & Martha March.
[36] - correspondence regarding railway company employees from Allan (?)
[37] - posting by Huw Daniel (UK) regarding the marriage of Susan Fisk & George Womack at Diss.
[38] - posting by Margaret Nichols (Australia) including passenger list of the passenger ship Emu.
[39] - posting by Beccy Clarke (S.Africa) mentioning marriage of Rev.John Hammond Fisk & Mary Margaretta Eaton.
[40] - posting by Deborah Paul to regarding Norwich prison inmates in 1891.
[41] - posting by John E.Farrow to
Norfolk-L@Rootsweb.commentioning the marriage of Susanna Fisk(e) and William Farrow.
[42] - correspondence from Mark (?) regarding William Minns & Mary Ann Fiske of Norwich.
[43] - correspondence from Helena Hayden (USA) regarding Harriet Fisk & Robert Layn.
[44] - correspondence from Barbara Worth regarding Lucia Fiske & James Sharman.
[45] - correspondence from Geoff Bridges regarding Susannah Fisk & Fruer Bridges from Framlingham.
[46] - NEHGS register of July 1997 containing articles on William Crispe of Laxfield and the Godbold family.
[47] - references to Fisk(e)s in 'Something of Old Suffolk' by Allan Jobson (Robert Hale, 1978)
[48] - correspondence from Norman Moyle (USA) regarding Frederick Henry Fiske & Nellie Squirrell.
[49] - correspondence from Jane Cavell (UK) regarding Frances Fisk & Robert Newark.
[50] - correspondence from Paula Hadgraft (Australia) regarding Fisk(e)s who were admitted as Freemen of Ipswich.
- correspondence from Barbara Vickers (UK) regarding Fisks of Stowmarket.
[52] - correspondence from Linda Streeter (UK) regarding Fisk(e)s of Lowestoft.
[53] - posting from Janelle Penney (New Zealand) inc. list of members of the Beccles Volunteer Rifle Corps, 1860.
[54] - Archdeacony of Suffolk Probate Records 1444 -1700.
[55] - correspondence from Frank & Laurie Rands (New Zealand) regarding Sarah Fiske & Joseph Rands.
[56] - family tree supplied by Jill Stevens (UK).
[57] - Fisk(e) entries in the St Catherines Marriage Index (
[58] - correspondence from Murray Fisk (UK, New Zealand) re descendants of William Robert Fisk of Corton.
[59] - Fisk(e) entries in the British Columbia Vital Records Death/Marriage Index (
[60] - Archdeaconry of Sudbury Probate Records, 1354-1700.
[61] - Wills proved at the Commissary Court of London (London Division) 1571-1625.
[62] - correspondence from Barry Johns (Australia) regarding descendants of John & Mary Fisk.
[63] - correspondence from Pam Holder (Australia) regarding convicts James & John Fisk of Waketon, Norwich. Further info taken from
website of the Archives Office of Tasmania.
[64] - Passenger lists for immigrants to Victoria, Australia 1852-59.
[65] - The Dictionary of British Artists 1880-1940, Johnson & Grentzner 1976, Antique Collectors Club
[66] - Brighton Presbyterian Registers 1700-1837
[67] - correspondence from Derek Welham (UK) regarding Leonard Fisk.
- correspondence from Mary Fisk Gilbert (USA) regarding descendants of Samuel Fisk & Phoebe Boyce.
[69] - correspondence from Edward Easton (UK) regarding Fisks & Canas
on his website.
[70] - British Library
online catalogue.
[71] - extracts from Whites 1854 directory of Norfolk by Scilla Bunn (UK).
[72] - Fisks buried at Abney Park Cemetery, Hackney, London.
[73] - correspondence from Brian Fisk (UK) regarding Fisk(e)s of Cratfield/Dennington/Badingham.
[74] - list of Army motorcyclists in 1914 by Ted Wildy,
[75] - correspondence from Felicity Pawsey (UK) regarding George Pawsey & Mary Fiske
[76] - Index of Wills proved at Norwich 1370-1550
[77] - submissions & correspondence from Ann Fisk (Australia) regarding Fisk(e) emigrants.
[78] - correspondence from Valerie Stevenson (Ireland) regarding Herbert Fisk & Harriet Denny.
[79] - correspondence from Diane Kirby (UK) regarding her grandmother Maud Emily Fisk.
[80] - submission & correspondence from Fran Sluman (UK) regarding Mary Fisk & Rev John Cracknell.
[81] - correspondence from Alan Osborn (UK) regarding Leonard Fisk & Susan Burch.
[82] - correspondence from John Chapman (UK) regarding John Daniel Fisk.
[83] - correspondence from Neil Langridge (UK) regarding Fisk(e)s of Stowmarket (
[84] - correspondence from Cathy Shashkof (Australia) regarding Christopher Percy Fisk.
[85] - correspondence from Brenda Paisley (UK) regarding Fisks from Middlesborough, Yorks.
[86] - correspondence from Roger Shirley (Australia) regarding descendants of Isaac Fisk & Hannah Weyman.
[87] - records from Beaumont Baptist Church, Woodbridge, Sfk
[88] - records of Home Children from Canadian archives
[89] - correspondence from Martin Fisk (UK) regarding his Fisk ancestors.
[90] - submission from John Fisk regarding Arthur Fisk of Blythburgh, Sfk.
[91] - correspondence from Perle Brooking (Australia) regarding Sarah Fisk of Bolton, Lancs.
[92] - extract from Suffolk Regimental Gazette for March 1916.
[93] - extensive correspondence from Alf Case (UK) regarding 19th century Fisks.
[94] - posting by Jenny James (New Zealand) regarding Sarah Fisk.
[95] - correspondence from Jenny Bostock (UK) regarding William Fiske & daughter Margaret Beatrice.
[96] - submission by Fay Sowerby regarding Maria Fisk = Lewis Kilworth.
[97] - correspondence from Pam Bossick (USA) regarding Charles Thomas Fiske.
[98] - corespondence from Ken Jackson (UK) regarding Fiskes of Bermondsey.
[99] - Records of Coroners Inquests in South Suffolk.
[100] - correspondence from Ron Griggs (UK) regarding Daniel Walton Fiske.
[101] - correspondence from Biddy Matthews (UK) regarding Rachel Fiske.
[102] - posting from J. Mooring regarding William Fisk of Calne, Wilts.
[103] - submission from regarding Eliza Ann Fisk of Stoke Newington, North London.
[104] - correspondence from Ian McKay (New Zealand) re Fisks of Charsfield, Dallinghoo & Woodbridge, Sfk.
[105] - submissions from Gene O'Reilly (UK) regarding 16th century Fisk(e)s from Norfolk.
[106] - submissions from Dave Ollerton (UK) regarding Fisks from Lowestoft & Co.Durham.
[107] - article
online concerning Australia's Second Fleet.
[108] - Wills at Chelmsford 1721 - 1858
[109] - correspondence from Michael B. Fisk (UK)
[110] - correspondence from Elizabeth Wills (UK), Fenning researcher
[111] - correspondence from Jean Mayer (UK) regarding Fisks of Tunstead, Norfolk.
[112] - correspondence from Janet Wilkins (UK) regarding Fisks of Blythburgh & Frostenden.
[113] - correspondence from Steve Barber (UK) regarding descendants of Amos Fisk & Mary Gardener.
[114] - correspondence from Deidre Sterling (New Zealand) regarding Joseph Fletcher = Emma Fisk.
[115] - correspondence from Marion Fisk (UK) regarding her father-in-law Dennis William.
[116] - correspondence from Janet Sturnam Thompson (Canada) regarding Elizabeth Fisk & Richard Sturman of Gillingham, Norfolk.
[117] - correspondence from Ken Cox (UK) regarding ancestors of Jessie Evelyn Fisk.
[118] - correspondence from James Fisk (UK) regarding James Fisk of Sale, Victoria, Australia.
[119] - correspondence from April Zobel regarding William 'Tommy' Fiske, professional footballer.
[120] - correspondence from Erueti Korewha (New Zealand) regarding Sarah Fisk = George Matchitt.
[121] - correspondence from Francis James Fisk regarding Francis Alfred.
[122] - correspondence from John Ingram (Australia) regarding offspring of James Fisk of Lowestoft.
[123] - correspondence from Amy Robison regarding George Frederick Fisk = Amy Neath.
[124] - correspondence from 'Lisa' regarding Fisks & Grimwoods of Rendham.
[125] - correspondence from Tony Fisk (New Zealand) regarding Fisks of Eltham, Kent.
[126] - correspondence from Jaqueline Ann Carrier [nee Fisk] (UK) regarding Fisks of Eyke, Suffolk.
[127] - correspondence from Barbara Hurst (UK) regarding Fisks of Kettleburgh & Charsfield.
[128] - submission from Cyril Daynes (UK) regarding Margaret Ffiske [daughter of Henry] = Gilbert Daynes.
[129] - correspondence from John Nunn (UK) regarding Emma Fisk = John Chapman of Horham, Suffolk.
[130] - correspondence from Simon Robertson (UK) regarding Frederick Charles Fisk.
[131] - correspondence from Marjorie Wigginton (UK).
[132] - correspondence from Peter Fisk (UK) regarding his great grandfather Sydney William Fisk.
[133] - correspondence from Lee Oates (Australia) regarding Hannah Maria Fisk = Joseph Ringwood Pain.
[134] - correspondence from Judy Ingratta (Canada) regarding Alfred & Sarah Elizabeth Fisk of St Pancras, London
[135] - correspondence from Ian Walter Newson (UK) regarding Fisks of Barsham & Beccles.
[136] - taken from Barbara Miller's (NZ) one-name study of the Fisk[e] surname.
[137] - correspondence from Michael Shaun Mahoney (UK) regarding George Green Fisk = Eliza Ann Hayward.
[138] - correspondence from Emma Fisk (UK) regarding Fisks from Durham.
[139] - correspondence from Mike Fiske (UK) regarding father Charles Henry & grandfather Harry.
[140] - correspondence from Lisa Hutchinson (USA) regarding Richard = Mahala & children who emigrated in 1821.
[141] - correspondence from Ivan Bateman (UK) regarding John = Emily Baker & their daughter Sarah = William Roberts.
[142] - correspondence from Steve Farrington (USA) regarding Susannah = John Barham of Snetterton, Norfolk.
[143] - correspondence from Elizabeth Button (Australia) regarding James William = Susannah Guyon Laver.
[144] - correspondence from Eric Barnes (UK) regarding Harriet Fisk = John Barnes.
[145] - correspondence from Jacqui ? regarding Rebecca Fisk = James Chipperfield
[146] - correspondence from Dorothy Hill (Australia) regarding the line of Maria Fisk of Worlingworth.
[147] - correspondence from Lorna Hector-Taylor (New Zealand)
[148] - correspondence from Kath Heywood (UK) regarding Mary Ann Fiske of Gorleston
[149] - correspondence from Mary Selvaer regarding Olive Fisk / Rogers
[150] - correspondence from Darrell Austin (USA) regarding Fisks of Tunstead, Nfk and Orleans County, New York
[151] - correspondence from Clive Jones (Swansea, Wales) regarding James Fisk & family from Swansea.
[152] - correspondence from Dean Mills (UK) regarding Fisks of Charsfield, Suffolk
[153] - correspondence from Fay Lewis (New Zealand) regarding offspring of Francis & Mary Anne Fisk of Kentish Town, London
[154] - correspondence from Andrew Fisk (UK) regarding his Fisk ancestors from Barsham & elsewhere
[155] - posting on from Denise Schoo regarding Elizabeth Fisk dau of Edmund = Sarah of Wymondham, Nfk.
[156] - posting on from Irwin Fisk regarding John Fisk & sons Henry & John who emigrated to Virginia prior to 1795.
[157] - correspondence from Patricia Clist (UK) regarding Fisks of Charsfield, Sfk & Westerham, Kent
[158] - submission from Barry Fisk (New Zealand) regarding Charles & George Fisk of Enfield, Middx & New Zealand
[159] - correspondence from Linda O'Halloran (Ireland) regarding Mary Ann Fisk & Samuel Barker who emigrated to Ontario
[160] - correspondence from Gillian Parker (UK) regarding William & Ellen Fisk of Marfleet, Yorks
[161] - correspondence from Geoff Fisk (UK) regarding Fisks of Levington & Kent
[162] - correspondence from Joan Nikifortchuk (Canada) regarding William Charles Fisk & family
[163] - correspondence from Tara Duffin regarding Ann Fisk of Soham, Cambs
[164] - correspondence from David Gale (UK) regarding the descendants of William Fisk of Haddiscoe, Nfk
[165] - correspondence from 'Rita M' regarding Nathaniel Fisk & Mary Cross
[166] - posting from Gordon Smith (UK) regarding Anne Fiske = John Chipperfield
[167] - submission from Chris Morrice (Bangladesh) regarding Charlotte Fisk = George Dix
[168] - correspondence from Phil ? (UK) regarding Edgar Fisk
[169] - submission from Jean Sharp (UK) regarding Emma Fisk
[170] - submission from Caroline Smeeth (UK?) regarding James William Fisk
[171] - correspondence from Penny Rose (UK) regarding Lavenham Fisks
[172] - correspondence from Joan Wilde (UK) regarding her mother Eileen May Fiske
[173] - correspondence from Heatha Thain [?] regarding Geletty Fisk
[174] - correspondence from Val Peels (Australia)
[175] - correspondence from Lucy Eyers regarding Fisks of Dilham, Nfk
[176] - correspondence from James W. Fisk regarding James Fisk of Gt Yarmouth & descendents
[177] - submissions from Margaret Oldridge (UK) regarding the offspring of Richard Fisk = Harriet Townrow
[178] - correspondence from Paul Harrison (UK) regarding the descendents of James Fisk of Newton Flotman
[179] - submission from Scott Solder (UK) regarding grandmother Ivy Fisk, daughter of Isaac = Martha of West Ham
[180] - correspondence from Sarah Eley regarding Fisks of Kentish Town, Edmonton & Tottenham.
[181] - taken from, a searchable online database of emigrants to America.
[182] - correspondence from Denise Nemitz (France) regarding descendents of Samuel = Phoebe Boyce
[183] - correspondence from Sue Fisk (UK) regarding her husband's Fisk line
[184] - correspondence from Richard Sellens (UK) regarding Fisks of Essex
[185] - correspondence from Hazel Sirett regarding Arthur John Fiske
[186] - biographical details from Robert Fisk's book 'The Great War for Civilisation' published in 2005.
[187] - correspondence from Michael Cooley regarding Richard Fisk = Mahala Kemp & offspring in USA (
[188] - correspondence from Debbie Holbrow (UK) regarding her husband's Fiske ancestors
[189] - correspondence from Gloria Culyer (UK).
[190] - correspondence from Mark Turnbull (Australia) regarding Mary Anne Forwood/Fiske/Randell, first wife of Richard Zachariah Fiske.
[191] - correspondence from Ivy Jo-Anne Fiske (Canada) regarding her father Humphrey William.
[192] correspondence from Jane Harrison (UK) re Fisks from Bolton, Lancs.
[193] correspondence from Teresa Fisk (UK) regarding her father Paul Fisk.

[194] correspondence from Gill Cowan (UK) regarding her great grandmother Anna Fisk.
[195] correspondence from Peter Graham Row (Australia) regarding the will of Nicholas Row, 1777.
[196] correspondence from Jim Fisk (Canada) re his grandfather James George Fisk

[197] correspondence from Bob Carroll regarding Samuel Fisk & daughter Elizabeth of Wenham, Mass.

[198] correspondence from Pleiades McRae regarding Elizabeth Prudence = Rev Thomas Jackson

[199] correspondence from Susan Fisk regarding the offspring of her grandfather Henry George Fisk of Bolton.

[200] correspondence from Kevin Fiske (UK) about his brother Roger Clifford

[201] correspondence from Robert Fiske (Australia) about his late father

[202] correspondence from Colin Giles

[203] correspondence from Larry Fisher re Fiskes of Walton on the Naze and Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex

[204] correspondence from Jane Longhurst (Australia) re her father William Fisk